· To obtain a copy of DD214 you will need to fill out a Standard Form 180, How can I get a copy of my DD214? How can I get a copy of my DD214? Submitted by RobertArrington on Fri, 11/13/2015 – 9:41am. To obtain a copy of DD214 you will need to fill out a Standard Form 180,

The best way to receive a copy of your DD 214 is get an eBenefits account. Go to www.ebenefits.va.gov and register. Once you have a premium account, click on the "Manage Benefits" tab, and go to the Military Personnel File (DPRIS) link to request a copy of the DD 214.

In the case of DD Forms 214 issued prior to 1 July 1979, agencies will provide the member with 1 copy containing all items of information completed, and 1 copy with the following items deleted from the form: specific authority and narrative reason for separation, reenlistment eligibility code, and separation program designator/number.

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DD-214, DD-215, 201 File . and Medical File Replacement. Click on the links above to order Certificates. Below is the link for your Free DD214/215 . this takes you to the National Records Center. This is a Free Service Provided by the US Government .

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Where can I get a copy of my discharge papers (DD Form 214)? Answer ID 177 | Published 12/20/2002 02:20 PM | Updated 11/01/2018 04:21 PM . The Department of Veterans Affairs does not maintain records of veterans’ military service, except as is necessary for providing benefits. For information about obtaining your military record, please visit.

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 · DD Form 214 is your report of separation from the Armed Services. DD Form 214 isn’t just a formal document – it’s a document you’ll need to access a range of services for veterans, services like VA loans. Without the form, you won’t be able to get some of.

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