Whether Millennials are looking to stay out until 2am, run along the coast, or enjoy some quiet alone time, here are the best 15 cities for Millennials to live in 2019: Disclaimer: there is no particular order for this list. Chicago, Illinois. Chicago, known as the Windy City, has won over thousands of Millennials as one of the best cities to live.

These Are The top cities millennials Want To Live In Right Now Nestpick reveals the definitive list of the best cities for Millennials based on startup scene, health ranking, immigration tolerance.

The city added 8,500 new jobs in 2017, and while the most prominent industries involve natural gas, oil, and livestock, millennials will increasingly find more cosmopolitan opportunities as well. Many of the things to experience as a resident of Oklahoma city involve the city’s outdoor, Western heritage.

The top three cities for millennials in poverty – McAllen, Texas (31%), Bakersfield (28%), and Fresno (26%) – are all on the list of cities with the most non-college-educated millennials. Spokane, Washington and Knoxville, Tennessee round out the top five, each with 23% of millennials currently living in poverty.

From "the burnout generation" to "generation snowflake," millennials have been described in a multitude of ways – for better.

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The most popular cities for families with young kids Researchers at Haven Life identified the most popular cities for young families. Well-educated areas with high income and low unemployment are a top choice.Read more; August 1, 2018 | Family, Finances, Research Where millennials are (and are not) buying homes

Although Millennials are often labeled as craft beer enthusiasts, those pricey hops are not the most popular beer amongst the group. guinness topped the list as Millennials’ most popular drinking.

While other research has indicated that most millennials are satisfied with their current positions, less than half of respondents to a recent lasalle network survey said they were pleased with their.

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Millennials have been told they’re killing everything from the housing market to eating cereal to drinking in bars. However, millennials aren’t just flocking to metropolises like New York and Los Angeles – they’re reshaping smaller cities around the country, bringing in more tourism, better food, and cooler bars.

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